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 Egress Uchiha

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Uchiha Egress

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PostSubject: Egress Uchiha   Wed Jun 03, 2009 2:56 pm

name: Egress Uchiha
rank: Sannin
weapon: Lighting Elemental Sword
bloodline: Uchiha (Sharingan)
character bio:
Genin Arc:
After graudating top of his class, Egress gets ready with his teammates for ready-made missions. He has attended tens and tens of D-ranks and C-ranks, but unsastified with the lack of real action. That is until their sensei puts them in the Chunin Exams. Egress passed the first test thanks to his Sharingan. And the 2nd Exam he reelashed his inner power- the Curse Wolf Shift Mark and also recieved an unknown unused mark given of to two strangers. In the 3rd exam he had defeated an Aburame. On the 4th Exam, he survived with 4 ninaj left standing and went promoted to chunin. Egress activated his sharingan soon enough.

Chunin Arc:
Adding to a different cell with other chunin he began to take on B-rank missions. On his life on the battlefield on infiltration and espionage, Egress survived amazginyl and completed all of hsi missions. egress has now been recgonzied as a chunin. However, due to a certain espionage with different cells against the Land of Lighting, the Cloud Village declared war against the leaf Village, beginning the 4th Great Ninja War. Egress was promoted to a Special Jounin in the Espionage and Infiltration Corps. Due to a certain capture of mission plans was oen of the causes of this 4th Great Ninja War, futurly resulting in the deaths of many people and the test of his life, Egress must risk his own for the village. Egress now has a full ordinary sharingan.

Jounin Arc:
Egress was promoted to Jounin after a final A-rank mission with another Jounin. This mission was also a S-rank mission, Egress must pass enemy lines and assasinate a Cloud Jonin- who posses as a threat against the entire village. To get this, he must kill his closest friend- a relative of a Jinchuruki in order toget Mangekyou Sharingan. He pracice with his new ocular powers and discovered new ways to use them. He also figures the Jinchuruki is now after him, seeking revenge against hsi fallen brother. Due to his increase of strength, Egress was able to succed in his mission, with no life lost. After the 4th Great Ninja War, Egress completed a finaly S-rank mission that ended the war, kidnapping the Raikage and bring him to a hidden base belonging to the leaf village between the Sound village and the Rice fields. Then the Leaf Village will interrogate him adn sign a peace treaty- ending the war. Egress barely escaped with his life, using his Sharingan to copy the Raikage's raiton jutsu, Egress was able to defeat a kage, however he suffered extremely massive damage and wounds. However, he was able to complete his mission and brung an end to the war. Egress won a S-rank status adn earned his name in the Bingo-book. Egress also entered the Anbu black Ops and Hunter Ninja Assasin Corps, promoting into a S-rank Jounin Anbu. Egress now looks like a normal Jounin ninja. However, as a hidden side, he's also an ANBU Black Op member and Hunter Ninja.

Training extremely deep in the ANBU Organization, his training made him a succesful and feared black op. He had attended hundreds of S and B-rank missions with a smaller team of only 4! Discovering his own brother had became a Jounin, Egress found out in the secrets about the disgrace of his clan, the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, and Madara Uchiha. Deep in his hatred, in a final A-rank mission to assasinate rouge Leaf Ninja Nawariwa Kushiko, Egress killed him easily as well as his own teammates in his anger and hatred. After the completetion of his assignment, he came an ANBU Team Captain.

Sannin Arc:
Having extremely trained under the 6th Hokage for more than 10 years... Egress attained a legendary status and with his comrades they became known as the Sannin. He later on killed his own brother Izana Uchiha in order to attain the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan in order to save his own eyes. Egress contuined his sage powers and communciating wtih the beast inside his curse mark- the Dark Raven. An even greater concidence he became known as that and as more feared than the White fang and Yellow flash of Konoha.... combined. It was also during this reign, he had succesfully managed mastering his Heaven Sky Curse mark, a powerful controllable seal which allows Egress to access all fof his chakra and become part-bird, as well as speaking to any kind of bird. This curse seal has levels 1, 2, 3, and Final Ultra- the mode Egress has yet to unlock. Due to his curse mark mastery and bird summoning, Egress traveled through space and time and went on to another dimensional village- Torigakure- the Bird Village and was submitted to train in their arts as a Raven Sage.

Sage Arc: Egress trained for years in the Raven arts, able to take in Raven Sage chakra easily and faster than Toad Sage chakra, even finding multiple ways of doing it while moving! Having to master Tori Senjutsu, Egress became an elite of the Raven Sage Grandmasters and due to that he was able to summon the Giant and Great Bird/Raven Gashimoro, the animal the other summonings fear the most. However, strangely, Egress and Gashimoro was able to get along easily and he was said to be the only one to control him. He then returned to Konoha as a succesful Sannin, ready to take on missions.


ninjutsu: 10
Fuinjutsu: 5
dojutsu: 9
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PostSubject: Re: Egress Uchiha   Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:16 pm

OK ou can be sannin and by the way, approved
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Egress Uchiha
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